Saturday, November 7, 2009

wht it feels like when u love sum1??

im sorry coz ive neva appreciate u b4..

i keep searching 4 true love wtout noeing that true love is juz in front of me..

i keep searching 4 my pwince charming 2 appear wtout noeing tht u re da real pwince..
i keep saying dat i need sum1 who is humdinger, quick-witted, hndsme and can make me feel as happy as a queen wtout noeing u re da perfect adamite..

im sorry coz ive neva realized that u re my evryting...

i alwaysz ignore my feeling 2wrds u..

wen u go on without me..

without our memories 2gther...

i feel like dying...

im sorry coz ive neva say how much u mean 2 me...

after i realized tht ive already losing u..

my worls seems 2 turn up-side-down...

i wan u 2 noe..

u re apple of my eyes

u re 1 in da million

u re da air tht i breathe

u re da water dat i use in my daily life

u re da tear dat cme out from my eyes

u re da sweet voice dat cme out from my mouth

u re da gorgeous smile dat makes my face look gorgeous.. (is it??...wndring) ~lol~

u re evryting dat i wanted

when u re gone...

ive realized da exct meaning of love..

it is not about money nor da way dey look..

but its about a feeling which is indescribable n undeniable dat could hpn anytyme n anywhre...

if ive chance 2 fix da past..

i would never ever nglet u...
coz now i noe how much u mean 2 me...

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